Magical and romantic love palace
A spectacular spot within 12 miles of Joshua Tree. Definitely not for the OCD, the entire place is a work of art. It's easy to misplace things because it is so visually intense and stimulating. Well equipped and homey, the Tile House is a bit out of the way if you are looking for night life but why leave if you have everything you need and your sweetie and your dogs? All you need are a few breath taking walks in J Tree in the afternoon and dusk. Bring all the groceries you need because there are slim pickings nearby. Perry has a well stocked kitchen for the random bits like spices that are easy to forget. As with all vacation rentals, bring a good chef's knife with you. We were happy to have slippers for the concrete floors in November but it would feel great in spring and summer. Lots going in in the house like books and art and hot tub and meditation gypsy trailer and views to weep over but no TV (yay). We hope to be back! Thanks, Perry!

November 2014
The Tile Høuse  Joshua Tree Mojave Desert Peaceful Get-Away
The Tile Høuse Joshua Tree Mojave Desert Peaceful Get-Away
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