Charming and wonderful place to stay
The Angel Inn is quite the comfy and charming place to get away from it all. I stayed during the Thanksgiving holiday and upon my arrival, I was greeted with the first snow of the season. How magical is that? There is a sweet mural painted on all the walls bringing nature and Angels inside the cottage. From the french doors leading to the back, you have a great view of Mt. Shasta. This is a large one room cottage where there's a divider between the bed and living room and kitchenette area. The bed is super comfortable as I slept well each night. The only thing I can't review is the sauna as I never did give it a try. It was a little cold in the evenings for me to run in and out. Also there isn't a TV which is fine by me as I used the time to unplug but some may feel a little lost without one. The owners Fred and Mary are quite lovely and very accommodating. I had asked for some branches that were hanging in the driveway to be trimmed back as they were dragging alongside my car and it was done right away. I definitely would stay here again! Jennifer

December 2015
The Angel  Cottage with a sauna and amazing views
The Angel Cottage with a sauna and amazing views
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