Not what we hoped for
We have stayed many times in various condos at Carnelian Woods and we keep coming back to this lovely complex because we appreciate its unique location in the pines, the gorgeous pool and spa, the proximity to beach. I have usually rented the less expensive condos because we are a fairly large group and the units that sleep more people also cost a little more, understandably. However, the cheaper condos are also generally shabbier, but we expect that. This year, I tried to find a condo that was upgraded, fresher, cleaner, that would contribute to a more pleasant overall experience and I was willing to pay a higher amount for that. I looked at photos of many condos and this one seemed to be what I was looking for. However, the photos of this unit are taken stragetically and the general condition has deteriorated. Disappointingly, only the bathrooms and one bedroom appear to be upgraded. The master bedroom was furnished with dressers worse than the Goodwill. One of the twin bed mattresses in the loft is actually broken with the supports on the floor so that the mattress sags deeply in the middle making it unuseable. The kitchen is original, probably from the 70s ; the large cupboard with pots and pans didn't have shelf so that all the items are on the floor (10 frying pans and no peeler.) The throw rugs in the kitchen were so dirty we rolled them up and took them out to reveal a very roughly installed tile floor that looks more like patio tile. All the appliances however, worked fine. The dark green carpet throughout felt very dingy. The doorbell had a constant buzzing sound. The living room sofa had a very large stain across both cushions, indicating some child may have used it as a bed. When we turned the cushions over, more stains were revealed. It is disheartening to pay a higher rate and find that attention to even small, inexpensive details were overlooked -- the wall clock doesn't work, two light bulbs were burnt out in the bathroom, the bird droppings on the deck were not cleaned off, stains on the bathroom floor mat, broken kitchen stool in the closet, old bed linens, pillows and bedspreads. These are small issues but which are not costly to improve. This kind of disregard makes the customer feel like the owners just want the fee without maintaining some quality for the benefit of the tenants.

September 2016
Greenwood: 3  BR, 2  BA Townhouse in Carnelian Bay, Sleeps 8
Greenwood: 3 BR, 2 BA Townhouse in Carnelian Bay, Sleeps 8
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