My wife & I, together with 2 other couples, rented this property from June 19th to June 24th, 2015. It was advertised as an executive waterfront country home with many amenities including a hot tub, sauna & separate games building. This is what we found: - The carpets were dirty & un-vacuumed; - Windows were filthy. Appliances were old & extremely dirty. We had to wash the refrigerator before we dared put food in it. The stove was greasy & dirty with a dead bug stuck to it. We did not use either the stove or oven; - There were cobwebs in nearly every corner of every room & on most of the fans & light fixtures. All of the upper surfaces, the fans & the blinds were furry with a thick layer of dust & grime; - The house itself was in a terrible state of repair. The sink in the master bedroom was badly chipped. The chrome was peeling off the taps in the bathtub/shower, the tub was severely rust stained & tiles were coming off the walls; - The outdoor furniture was filthy requiring scrubbing; - Both BBQs were so dirty & filled with so much greasy material that we didn`t even attempt to clean or use them; - The games building was a storage area for broken games. The pool table was missing a leg & was propped up on a humidifier. The foosball table had a bent leg. The building was musty smelling and the floor was strewn with chair pads & debris; - We spent a couple of hours cleaning windows, the kitchen, main bathroom, deck, patio furniture and outside chairs; - The water pressure tank failed requiring a plumber; - The towels in the linen closet were very damp and upon getting into bed found the sheets were damp; - On departure day, we cleaned the sheets & the floors and discovered the washing machine leaked water during the drain cycle; - The dryer door was held closed with duct tape and was so ineffective we hung laundry on the outdoor line. We now understand why everything was so damp when we arrived; - None of the four vacuum cleaners, including the built in system, worked & we were unable to do any vacuuming which again explains why the carpets were so dirty when we arrived; We could go on, but are only allowed 2500 words. As you can tell, we were extremely disappointed in our “executive waterfront country home”. My wife took extensive pictures & videos that will clearly substantiate our claims. The owner provided us with a partial rebate.

August 2016
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage  - Prince Edward County
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage - Prince Edward County
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