Great stay overall
This house is lovely. Well decorated, clean, good location. The linens were great. It was the perfect amount of space for my husband, our two young daughters, our dog, and me. I would have given the house a 5 star review but I had to knock a star off for one very important issue. When we got ready to put our daughters (ages 1 and 2) to bed upstairs, we realized that all 3 of the smoke detectors upstairs did not have batteries. That would have made me nervous if it had just been my husband and me, but with our little babies in an unfamiliar house, it just was not acceptable. Because we arrived kind of late, my husband had to leave the house about 10 or 10:30 to go buy a battery at a convenience store so we would have one working smoke detector (they were all three very close to each other, which is fine, and we would be leaving the doors open so one was all we really needed). I know this is a little thing but it's such an incredibly important thing, especially with little kids. I hope the owners will monitor that more closely and remember to change the batteries regularly. But still, overall, a great house.

July 2015
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