A nice place, could use some improvements, and better description
We had a lovely time in Grand Rapids and this place does have some great things going for it. It is a 10 minute walk to the main strip of downtown and about a 30 minute walk to the beach. As noted in the description, the bathrooms are new and nice. A couple things to be aware of: 1) This is really a 3 bedroom. There are two traditional bedrooms, one on each floor. There is a third bedroom that is large, but there is no door (and no curtain)! And it is right across from the upstairs bathroom. Inside the third-bed room is a converted room that has two double-beds in it, a bit tight, but it works. This interior room does have a door. I would recommend that the owner put a door on this room and perhaps add bunk beds in the interior bedroom to make it more kid-friendly and more spacious. 2) There is no yard. there is a small back-area with a grill and a four-person table. Not a big deal, but just important to understand there is little to no room for the kids to move in the back area. 3) This house is old. This is part of the charm, but the floors are very uneven and they creak terribly. To be expected. But if you have light sleepers, this may not be the place for you. Low-hanging fruit improvements: 1) the upstairs shower door has a jagged edge on the bottom (the plastic spill-guard). This cut both my wife and my son. This should be replaced or at least fixed to remove the sharp edge. 2) add small stool under the bathroom sinks. These sinks are very high. If you have kids under 4 feet, they will not be able to use the sinks. It would be easy to buy one small stool for each one and put it under each sink. 3) Get a new coffee maker. The coffee maker did not work that well. These are relatively inexpensive and should be something you can count on. I recommend one with a thermos-style pot (more durable and keeps coffee warmer longer). 4) Get eight chairs for the dinning table. The description says it seats 6-8, which is true, but there are only 6 chairs. We pulled one from the front of the house and another from the porch. I think there should just be two extra chairs in the dinning room. 5) Get eight placemats. There are only 6 and they do not fit well. 6) Keep home stocked with papertowels. We ran out. 7) Get containers for recycling and for deposit cans/bottles. Also, you may want to put in your "welcome" note what can be recycled and what should be for deposits (we were from Chicago and almost forgot about this)

July 2016
September 18 -30  7 nights $1200 + VRBO fees Zero cleaning fee
September 18 -30 7 nights $1200 + VRBO fees Zero cleaning fee
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