Charming, Clean Unit with a Noise Issue
This rental has many positive aspects to it that I'd like to highlight first: -Owners are helpful and responsive -Amenities were as described and house was very clean -Location is great - easy 10 min walk to the beach and quick drive into town -Pool was heated and pool deck was clean and has plenty of seating -Big yard to run around/play games We unfortunately will not be returning, however, due to one negative - the noise level. This is an old home and a first floor unit, so we could hear nearly everything that was happening right above us - people walking, kids and pets running, faucets/showers, laundry machines, talking, etc. We got a chance to meet the family that owns the unit above and they were actually really nice and I don't believe they were making excessive noise. They just have 3 kids and a dog which is just naturally going to make it noisier. Even when I was on the front deck trying to read a book, I couldn't concentrate because I could easily hear a conversation going on above. I will say - the owners were quick in trying to look into this issue for us and did everything they could to help, but at the end of the day there's not a whole lot that can be done. Maybe they could try using more insulation or thicker carpeting on the top unit. I do not enjoy leaving negative reviews but I feel it is only fair to warn future renters about this issue, as I would have liked to have been warned about it. One of the themes listed is "Away From It All" but unfortunately it felt like anything but that.

May 2017
South Haven, MI Octagon  All Season getaway with pool & fireplace
South Haven, MI Octagon All Season getaway with pool & fireplace
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