Whispering Firs, a Best-Kept Secret – But for How Long?
Our Mission: a getaway for seven extended family members in the South Puget Sound area. We contacted the owner through VRBO hoping to make reservations for a long weekend in August. Soon after, Sharon contacted me confirming our reservation. And well beyond the norm of most places we have stayed in the past, Sharon also provided us with all the information we needed for visiting Herron Island. She even went so far as to make reservations for transporting our truck and boat/trailer with the Captain of the Charlie Wells ferry! Needless to say I felt we were welcome well ahead of our arrival! It’s a little bit magical to board Charlie Wells and make the Case Inlet crossing towards Herron Island. The Captain and crew were well seasoned, but cheery and good-natured, and didn't mind chatting with us. This was a good indicator that we were in for something special for our long weekend. It was as if they were transporting us back to a time and place when things moved at a much slower pace, and strangers didn't mind taking the time to carry on a friendly conversation with you. After docking at the island, we meandered along the gravel road through rural landscapes with sleepy cottages and cabins, and climbed our way up to the top of the hill to arrive at Whispering Firs. The home and exterior front deck looked contemporary and inviting, set on a wooded hill with a circular driveway. Upon entering, the interior of the home was very spacious, warmly furnished and decorated, spotlessly clean and immediately made us feel comfortable and at ease. Each room was well appointed with everything we would ever need for a comfortable and relaxing extended stay. We found that backyard deck with fruit trees, vegetable and magnificent rose gardens with fountain were a veritable Eden of tranquility. The wildlife, including the many deer who casually approached us at the front deck for a handful of grain were a continuous source of fascination and entertainment. Not only was Sharon kind enough to open her home to us, she also was incredibly gracious to join us for a visit, where she made a delicious batch of her toasted homemade bread for our dinner while carrying on a fun and cheery conversation. We all felt like we had made a lifetime friend meeting Sharon! We certainly and without any hesitation give Sharon and Whispering Firs 5 stars for our amazing stay. We hope to return soon to enjoy more of this special place and hospitality with our new friend!

August 2016
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