Beautiful place, but...
Overall we all enjoyed the home. The place was clean when we got there. The view out of the large windows was beautiful. There's a stove for a nice little fire to warm up with after playing outside. The beds were pretty comfortable. It is a nice place not too far from Flagstaff, and quiet... mostly quiet. The first night there everyone was settling in, and then at about midnight an incessant beeping started. It was loud enough that there was just simply no way for people on the first floor to sleep at all. And, frequent enough that just when you thought, "hey maybe it stopped" it would start again. "BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!" After doing some investigating, we found the beeping coming from a locked cabinet under the counter. In the morning I called the owner (which in hindsight I should have just called in the middle of the night). They apologized up and down about it, and gave me the combination to the lock. When I opened it I saw a camera staring back at me. The beeping was coming from a camera security system. Turns out the owner had been robbed from some guests earlier so they installed a camera security system. He assured me that there were only cameras on the outside of the house... except of course the one staring back at me in this cabinet. Hmmm... They must have been hidden pretty well because I never saw them. The whole thing made me feel pretty uneasy. Would you like to be secretly recorded while on your vacation getaway? There was never any mention that this place had this type of surveillance. I unplugged the whole thing which stopped the beeping, and also made sure my guests and I weren't being recorded. Apart from that, the place was pretty nice. The second night went much better. I am giving this one star only because of the security camera issue. If the vacation rental was managed by different owners who understood how creepy a video recording system at a vacation rental is I'd probably give 4 or 5 stars. Doesn't privacy matter to anybody these days? The place was also missing some pretty basic things... such as: pot holders, GLASS wine glasses, a broom, and soap (I guess you could just bring your own but in my experience most of these things tend to provide soap). The owner offered me and my family another two night stay completely free of charge. However, this offer doesn't really do much. We had people from all over the country come to see us (which is not likely to happen again anytime soon).

December 2014
Snowbowl & Grand Canyon  Basecamp - November Specials!
Snowbowl & Grand Canyon Basecamp - November Specials!
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