Beautiful property, but very misleading add. Anyone that is local is not welcome.
My wife and I contacted Chad and Sue about staying in their home. We mentioned that it was our sons 30th birthday and that he had been living in the area for 7 months. We were just visiting the area, but intended to have our son stay with us in Chad and Sues' VRBO property. Chad said no parties and we agreed. I did not inquire about the possibility of having one of my son's friends stop by during our stay there, but in retrospect I should have........because upon arrival, he informed us that would not be allowed to host even a small dinner party with even 2 additional guest, and that no other guest would be allowed on the property at any time. A detailed release form was presented to us that was required to be signed by my entire family that basically relinquished any and all right to theft of our property and any ability to hold our host accountable for any accident that might have happened to us while staying in the house. This seemed to us to be too restrictive and should have been mentioned in the add that Chad listed with VRBO. If you are interested in booking this property and have any any friends in the area that you might like to visit, do not book with Chad and Sue. The add stated that...."The home is very private" but Chad and Sue are staying less that 75 feet in a small house just separated by a row of bushes and a coconut palm tree. We heard noise from our host home often and he used a chainsaw early one morning. The info packet request that the TV be kept at a low volume because there are neighbors nearby. Those neighbors are your host Chad and Sue. The house was as described in the add and the grounds reflect the love, care and stewardship that Chad has put into the land for 20 years or so. The proximity to the adjacent resort Kalani is a true plus, if you want a meal or a sauna or a message at a premium rate.....$25/day for a sauna and the use of the swimming pool. $50/week or $75/month. Just a note about the house. It appeared to be very clean upon arrival, but when we looked behind a corner couch to find an electrical outlet, it appeared as if it had not been moved and cleaned in months. There were a minimum of dished, utensils and glasses that we cleaned after every meal. There were 1 inch worms on the floor and walls. I noticed at lease 5 in one room at one time. We saw 2 of the stinging variety of centipedes crawling on the floor during out 4 night stay there. If this site would allow, I would continue...but I have run out of space

December 2013
 Aloha Lani Ocean View Home, Privacy. Near Lava. Walk to the Ocean and  Beach.
Aloha Lani Ocean View Home, Privacy. Near Lava. Walk to the Ocean and Beach.
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