Happy Adventure!
We are not campers, but the friend we were vacationing with is and she was staying at the Edisto Beach campground. So rather than the typical condo/house rental we thought we would change things up a bit and "camp" with our friend. Jill and Ginger were excellent with great communication and quick responses. In fact as luck would have it we were arriving on the same afternoon as tropical storm Julia to the SC coast. Jill called me and said that considering the weather they would be happy to allow us to pick other days without any penalty. But we were already up for something different, so we spent one very windy and rainy afternoon in our friends RV and by the next morning it was beautiful. If you have not tried it a teardrop RV for an entire rainy day would have been tough. The Happie Camper itself was great, we can confirm it is dry and comfortable through a tropical storm. Jill and Ginger set it up (in the rain) left treats in the fridge and let us know it was ready. When we checked out I just sent a text to Jill to let her know and we were done. Now that is the only way to "camp". As others have stated it is small, a dry and warm (or cool,AC) place to sleep. You won't want to lounge for a long time. I am 6' tall and the bed and headroom was just fine for my wife and I. We tried something different for a couple of days at the beach and ended up with great stories to tell. Do yourself a favor and try something different!

September 2016
The Happie Camper! Luxury  Camping With Full Outdoor Kitchen.
The Happie Camper! Luxury Camping With Full Outdoor Kitchen.
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