Experience turning lemons into lemonade required
Unfortunately, there were a few frustrations with the rental company and with the house. The view was beautiful, but overall, the house was just OK. The furniture is old and so are all of the kitchen appliances and items like pots, pans, etc. When we first arrived, the house was absolutely freezing and we had to sit in our jackets for a few hours until the house heated up (with baseboard heat - there is a heater to turn on in every room). I wish the rental company had turned on the heat for us. The weekend we stayed was extremely cold and those first few hours of discomfort could have been avoided. For those of you with pets, you should know that the stairs are extremely slippery. After seeing our dog fall a few times, we basically had to carry her down the turn in the stairs (she's about 40 pounds) and we also had to be very cautious ourselves. I can't imagine larger dogs getting down those stairs without hurting themselves. There are lots of scratches in the winding steps that must be from dogs struggling to keep their balance. Lastly, the refundable deposit WILL be charged and you won't get a refund for over a month. The refund comes in the form a mailed check (which of course you then have to deposit and wait even longer for the money to go through.) With some improvements, stays by future renters will hopefully be better than ours.

March 2015
Cozy  Mountain Cabin, New River Nearby, Mountain Views - $100 a Night
Cozy Mountain Cabin, New River Nearby, Mountain Views - $100 a Night
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