Not as kid friendly as I'd hoped, but overall it was good.
The property is in a lovely area. It is a cozy little private piece of land surrounded by tons of gorgeous outdoors. We will be back to explore more areas that we didn't have time for on this trip. The property is clearly used by it's owners. There are family pictures and such around. It didn't bother me, but if that's not your thing it's worth noting. They also have quite a few breakable things at kid level. We were looking for a place to stay that had separate bedrooms so we didn't have to cram our family of 6 in a hotel room and we wouldn't have to go to bed quite as early as our little ones. So, it's not the kid friendliest, but the truth is we came to see the redwoods, so we weren't at the house a lot. It served it's purpose as being a place to sleep without disrupting anyone's sleep schedule too much. The owners were very nice. They asked us to notify them when we arrived and I think when we left as well, and they had a couple emergency contact numbers if we needed something, but they basically left us to ourselves, which is nice. It is also worth noting that it is a really small town. The internet informed me that there is a store up the road called Gasquet Grocery (if I remember correctly), but if you intend to cook at all in the kitchen (another draw of a vacation home over a hotel) you will want to bring groceries with you, or plan to drive up the road 15-20 minutes to shop in Crescent City. We were there everyday anyway, as that's essentially the gateway to the redwoods in that area. Also, because it is a remote area, they ask you to strip the beds and start them washing before you check out since the cleaner has to come in from a distance. It doesn't bother me, but I didn't know about it until we booked the place and it's worth noting if you expected not to do any laundry while you are on vacation. We did love that it was less expensive than staying in a place in Crescent City, and it's really not a long drive, and it's a pretty drive besides. Pros: Kitchen, multiple bedrooms, budget friendly, pleasant property, proximity to LOTS of incredible outdoors areas, Neutrals(maybe they bother you, maybe not): "lived in" by the owners, you have to start the laundry for your linens at the end of your stay. Cons: Lots of breakables so not super kid friendly, lack of groceries in town,

June 2016
Private, 3Bd/2Ba, House On 1acre,  Only House On The Block, Next To Smith River
Private, 3Bd/2Ba, House On 1acre, Only House On The Block, Next To Smith River
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