Romantic Retreat
My wife and I needed a little time from the kids (two days) was enough for us. We saw the listing in VRBO and thought "this looks perfect!" Seriously, the property was all by itself and you felt peace and tranquility. There is a llama,miniature donkeys, an emu, tons of wild deer, and wild turkeys. The grapes from the vineyard are Sangiovese and are used in a higher end wine from Deerfield called Super T Rex. Very delicious as it is blended with a cab. The property is huge and you can take private walks, grill out, sit on your private patio, swim when in season, or even pick herbs from the garden for dinner (dan was wonderful about that). Dan and Betsy joined us for dinner at our request as we grilled overlooking the Sonoma Valley. We had the best conversation and really allowed my. Wife and I to relax without the kids and have some grown up talk for a change. The cabin, for lack of a better term is two stories with the kitchen on the lower half and a bedroom, bathroom and tv room upstairs. The water used is from their own well and it outflows just above the house due to natural pressure. They also use solar but there are no restrictions to energy use so bring your computers (wifi is available) and phones if you must, and charge as needed. We used it as our base as we explored Napa, Sonoma, Alexander Valley, and Russian River Valley. If you get a chance, grab some Super T Rex if you like Cabs and Sangiovese blends and possibly some hard cheese and watch the sunset from just above the vineyard. AMAZING!!

August 2014
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