Great location, but the room needs work
Pono Kai resort is located right off of the Kuhio Highway in Kapa'a, which is pretty central in terms of driving. Our room was oceanfront with a beautiful view, however there isn't a safe beach for swimming here so do not expect to walk out from your room and into the ocean. There is ample parking, but due to the layout of the resort a short walk is generally required to reach one's room, so those with mobility issues may want to request a room near the parking lot if needed. There are elevators to the upper floors, so a 2nd or 3rd story room should not be a problem. Our room was privately owned and we paid more for it than one would pay for a standard room here; however, it's in dire need of maintenance. I believe most of the rooms at Pono Kai have air conditioning, but ours did not. The carpet was old and snagged, the furniture was in bad shape, the electricity was a little dicey too. (I plugged my week old iPhone in to charge the first night we got here, and in the morning it was unusable.) Many of the electrical sockets were rusted or showed signs of having been burnt. The kitchen is decent size with a fridge, stove, microwave, toaster, blender and coffee pot but the coffee maker is filthy. We tried to clean the layers of burnt coffee off of the warming plate to no avail- it should really be replaced with one that has an automatic shut-off. The bathrooms were disgusting. We found blood stains on the bath mat and even on the walls, and everything just felt dingy. They didn't provide enough toilet paper, so we had to go shopping to buy it. The beds were incredibly uncomfortable ; they really need new matresses, pillows and linens. All of us awoke with sore necks and backs. We would consider returning to Pono Kai but only through the resort itself, certainly not through a private owner.

September 2016
UP TO 20% OFF!!  Oceanfront  2 Bed 2 Bath Condo On Kauai’s Coconut Coast
UP TO 20% OFF!! Oceanfront 2 Bed 2 Bath Condo On Kauai’s Coconut Coast
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