Construction in the street
The apartment was responsible, clean, and plenty of space for 2 people. On arrival we discovered the entire street was torn up for water main work, and it was evident that it had been going on for some time. Had to park 2 blocks away. The walk was dusty and dirty from the construction. My brand new Toyota tundra was vandalized overnight, so I would not recommend the area. To add insult to injury, the water supply was cut off on our last day, so was forced to evacuate early. Very disappointed that the construction issue was NOT declared prior to booking, I would avoid this property for at least 3 months, hopefully at that point the construction is complete. And would not recommend parking in the area.

June 2017

The owner left the following response...

Thank you for your review and we are sorry you experienced these problems. Here are some informations for future guests: - yes the city decided to make some important construction works in our street to change the water pipe system and it will have some impact on the parking access. This started very recently and we were informed by it at the moment the booking of this guest started. Because we had not been able to inform the guest prior to arrival, we have offered a financial compensation to apologise for the situation. The works are something out of our control and I truly think the stay can be wonderfull even if there are some works in the street. We have had other groups in the neighbouring cottage since the works have started and they are working around the situation without even mentionning any inconvenience to us, so I think it is also a question of perspective. This apartment offers a huge backyard and a good location and is spacious and confortable. Once you are in the apartment, you should not notice there is construction going on in the street. - lenght of the work period: According to the company managing the construction to whom I spoke, our private parking spot will not be accessible untill aproximately 7 july (please check with us). But it is possible to park for free in the area and the SIDEWALKS are totally accessible. Given the corner of Wellington street is only a 30 seconds walk away, we recommend you park your car on wellington street, walk to the apartment to dropp off your luggage, then park your car in an appropriate spot in the area. AFTER 7 JULY (approx, please check with us), the works should have moved to a further section of the street and this will mean the private parking spot will be accessible and there will be no real negative impact for guests staying in the apartment after 7 july. - water cut: the water was cut only on 12 june from 9 am to 3 pm the day that these guests were checking out. their check out was at 11 am so the "lack" of water was only between 9 am and 11 am and it was announced so it was possible to work around it. Since that water cut there has not been and will not be any other water cuts as the city has installed a complete alternate water suply system that will be providing water without any cuts during the whole construction period. - Parking in the area: I am very sorry to hear that the car of this guest was vandalised. I have myself lived in this house for a period of 7 years and as we had 2 cars, I parked one of our cars every day during those 7 years in the street or neighbouring streets, and never have i heard of any car being vandalized. This has never happened to ANY of my guests in the last 4 years we have been renting this house or the cottage next door, and we have welcomed over 1000 groups in both apartments combined in the 4 last years. So it seems that this guest was unlucky and was the 1 out of 1000 to experience this. I hope this helps clarify some of the aspects mentionned by this guest. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be very happy to welcome you in Montreal in one of our apartments. Regards, Joanna, CEO of Home in Montreal
Le René-Lévesque
Le René-Lévesque
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