Studio basement
This cabin isn't a single cabin it's apart of their home. The studio is basically their basement. It's nice inside, but if privacy is something you're looking for then it won't be found here. The owners bedroom is directly above the room. You can hear them walking around & it feels as if they can hear you. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched the whole time. This cabins maximum is 4 people so if you're thinking of bringing a group of friends here then it isn't a good idea. I had to be asked to talk to the owners durning my stay for having over the maximum amount of people & for the music being too loud. The music wasn't blasting it's just the fact that their room is directly above the room. If you're even thinking of just going with your significant other I don't even think it's comfortable enough to get intimate with them considering the circumstances. I would say this place is somewhere to go if you're going to be busy for a couple days & you just need somewhere to sleep. otherwise I would find somewhere with more privacy.

July 2016
Serenity In  The Tree Tops
Serenity In The Tree Tops
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