Nice little cabin at a reasonable price in a convenient location.
If you're looking to spend a few days in a small cabin in the woods, rather than something more ornate, then this place could be for you. The cabin isn't much bigger than a large mobile home, it's got a small kitchen and one bedroom, with room for one or two more people in the living room. There's only one couch so a 4th person would need to sleep on the floor. The layout is such that if someone is in the bathroom you cannot pass from the bedroom to the living room, if you value your privacy, so that's something you might want to know about. The cabin is pictured with trees all around it by a creek. The creek is right next to the cabin down a short hill so you can hear the water rushing which is nice, however many of the trees behind the cabin have been cut down if you're looking out the back, and you look down you see the creek but if you look straight ahead at a slight upwards angle you see a whole bunch of cleared land with the large main house at the end of the long driveway right in the middle of the view. Again, not too bad but it's not really total seclusion as suggested in the pictures. The cabin is neat and clean, and again there really isn't much to it as we expected. Not really much more to say about it, the cabin is neat and clean and furnished with antiques and pictures to give it a very rustic look that you would expect when staying in a cabin, including moldings around the ceiling which were simply thin tree branches. If you tried this at home it would look tacky but in the cabin it works. If you choose to stay here I sure hope you like bears and fish because there are so many pictures of them scattered about! It's close to the Housatonic river, 5 minutes away from Clark outdoors so if you're looking to do some canoeing or rafting it's an ideal place to stay. It's about 15 minutes to the town of Kent, including Kent Falls state park where we spent the afternoon hiking. There are two ways to get to the cabin off the main road, one is more direct but takes you about 30 seconds along a somewhat rough dirt road, I wouldn't suggest going this way during the winter unless you have an SUV. Note that the property is for sale, which includes the very large main house also available to rent on Homeway, so these properties may not be available much longer.

May 2016
Rustic Streamside Cabin, Quiet Escape near Fly fishing,  hiking, and kayaking
Rustic Streamside Cabin, Quiet Escape near Fly fishing, hiking, and kayaking
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