Vacation staying at Donner Lake, California
Staying at this property during 2016 Memorial Day weekend with my friends was great experience. Donner Lake state park is within 5 minute driving and we could enjoy day picnic at the State park and have a fun to ride a boat at the Donner Lake. It was really convenient to visit the park and come back to this house, change the cloth and go to nearby boat launching place and visit the park again for dinner while watching the sunset over the lake. This rental house was cozy and clean. All the lights inside the cabin were not bright enough to have coffee time or drink beers. Just like sitting in the bar on the street. When we arrived at the cabin, water was shut off so I had a hard time to find out water main valve. After spending couple of hours, I was able to turn on the main water valve inside the basement so we can use bathrooms and shower. The owner of this property was kind enough to refund $50 for this inconvenience. Overall, I'd like recommend this rental cabin for less expensive but lots of convenience to spend vacation time at Donner Lake.

June 2016
Charming Cabin At Donner Lake  - West End
Charming Cabin At Donner Lake - West End
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