Disappointed and totally unacceptable
The location of the Pono Kai is excellent. Great accessibility to all areas of the island. The grounds of the resort are well maintained and the staff is most accommodating. Just being steps to the walking path is wonderful. The sunrises are magnificent. That are the pros.... The cons are listed below: 1. Ants is the kitchen. 2. There has been severe water damage and tiles in the kitchen were coming off and the cabinet was warped. 3. The whole unit was dirty. The stove top had grease (from frying bacon) still on it. The corner behind the refrigerator was dirty. The kitchen floor had dried drips on it from coffee/tea and front of the garage can had dried drips. 4. Three of the four burners did not work properly. One not at all and one was broken badly. One did not heat to temperature. 5. Two of the patio dining table chairs were rusted so badly they were unusable. 6. The windows were so streaked we could hardly see through them. 7. The sheets on the master bed were pilled badly and did not fit properly. Most importantly I am curious if the Hawaii State Department of Health would like to know about the black mold in the lower kitchen cabinets. You can see it by merely opening the doors. It is a potential health hazard. Oh, yes, I took many pictures. This unit should not be rented until all these issues are resolved. The representative from the management office brought us ant baits, they did not work. She took pictures of the rusted patio furniture. She also stated the repair work was scheduled. What else can she do? I have been contacted by the management office and they are giving us discount for the inconvenience and that is appreciated. But again, I say this unit needs to be removed from the available list till the issues are resolved. I totally understand the humidity of ocean front. I totally understand this is an older unit and the furnishing are older but that has nothing to do with the current issues. It just makes it harder to maintain and there has been not any upkeep to this unit. We will be back to the beautiful island of Kauai and probably will stay at Pono Kai but never again in this unit. And I didn't even mention the lack of paper products and garbage bags. They give you what they say is a "starter amount" after that you are on your own. We have been doing timeshare, etc. for years (since 1981) and the supplies were always replenished every few days. And no midweek housekeeping...

February 2015
UP TO 20% OFF!!  Pono Kai Resort OceanFront 2-Bedroom Condo #D101
UP TO 20% OFF!! Pono Kai Resort OceanFront 2-Bedroom Condo #D101
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