I was disappointed.
When I got there to check in at KC Rentals they told me the unit was flooded and they would have to put me in another unit. I spoke to Michael who said he was the manager. He said Issac would call me. Everything was booked because it was for a conference. I called back during the week. Michael again said Isac would call me. I went to check out on Saturday a week later and again Michael said it was Isacs fault. I have not spoken to Isac. I asked to speak to the owner and Michael said he was the manager and owner. I haven't spoken to Isac. I told Michael if he was the owner then he ran a POOR business. This unit was not flooded. I was lied to. I did not get what I paid for. I chose this unit to accommodate my family. There were special features and I took time to select this u it. Also, Michael said the units did not include the water park. I'm very upset!

June 2016
Amazing  Ocean View - Brighton Tower #1803 Kingston Plantation
Amazing Ocean View - Brighton Tower #1803 Kingston Plantation
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