Do Yourself a Favour, Stay Away from Jack Lauer
I first contacted Jack Lauer it was because his property's profile said "No WIFI" but reviews referred to it. He said he did have WIFI and would adjust his profile. That was the first red flag. If you are so careless or stupid that your profile doesn't mention WIFI which everyone in the world needs then you are a nitwit or you could be impaired. i should have dropped him like a hot potato then. I later contacted him because I was in the area and wanted to see the Coach House because I was considering extending my stay. He told me that he would be cleaning the property on Friday, January 7th and I was welcome to come by. The Friday of that week was the 6th, so once again we have the stupid/possibly impaired factor. His custom is to take money from you in two chunks, once when you book and one at a later date. When a second payment was due on Jan. 25th, he contacted me on the 17th to make the payment. Money Grubber, get the money and leave someone else with the short end of the stick. When I sent him two emails detailing the fact that I would be leaving on Mar. 18th, he did not sent me an email with the detailed calculations to reflect that the deposit I had paid was an "overpayment." Stupid/ unprofessional/perhaps impaired. He never sent me a contract and I was dealing with a leg injury so I was preoccupied and should have noticed that. Reputable individuals send a contract without pulling teeth and he's not. I arrived on Feb. 1, he helped me with my luggage, and he said "Well, that' all then". Well, "No". There were three more items in the trunk which I picked up and carried in. Stupid/possibly impaired. I sent him an email on Feb. 2 demanding a contract and expressing my concerns about possible substance abuse. He sent me an email on Feb. 3 telling me to leave. I sent him 2 emails saying I was phoning him that minute so we could meet with the Honolulu Police, he says he never got the calls. I did leave on Feb. 5 before 11AM after filing a complaint in the presence of a Police Officer on the premises. Jack had sent me an email saying I would be trespassing if I was on the property any later. He sent me two partial "refund" emails, BOTH referring to stays on Mar. 1-18, there are no calculations, he said he would charge me for half the cleaning fee. Stupid/impaired? Unsavory, unprofessional creeps like him have a code of conduct "Let's take your money and my experience and we'll make it my money and your experience."

February 2017
Cute Pupukea Carriage House With an Ocean and Sunset View -  Special Pricing
Cute Pupukea Carriage House With an Ocean and Sunset View - Special Pricing
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