The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Note: VRBO only allows 2500 characters for reviews, so this is a very limited review. Furthermore, I can't include pictures here or any other documentation (emails, texts messages) to support this review. I can't link to my blog either. The Good The floor plan of the cottage is great. The living room has comfortable seating and a giant fireplace. The Bad The cottage is not as advertised. The listing is titled “Waterfront Executive Cottage”, but the cottage is only technically waterfront (it has a ~20’ wide by ~80’ deep lake access) and not at all executive. The pool table is a toy pool table, broken, unplayable and missing balls in a shed behind the property. It is untrue that “all you have to do is bring your bathing suits and a camera”, but you only discover this in the cottage package that you receive 48 hours before your rental period, leaving you no time to find other accommodations should you wish to. The cottage package is where things start to fall apart. In this document, you’ll discover that when the owner says the cottage is “self-sufficient” he really means that you have to do everything for yourself, and everything for him. This includes taking your trash back home, replacing empty propane tanks left by previous owners and buying laundry soap if there’s none. It also includes inspecting the cottage and reporting anything that the previous guests might have broken / not done. The linens are provided, but you have to wash them before you leave and the appliances provided are not efficient enough to wash 3 beds before the 11 am checkout time unless you get up really early. I had to stay at the cottage Monday to deal with the plumber(s) coming to service and repair the water system. The owner considered it normal that I’d take care of this for him, even after I told him that I was on vacation and not his employee. This took 5 hours. The Ugly Never once in my communications with the owner did he apologize for anything about the state of his cottage. When I asked for a partial refund of 2.5 days (which I eventually got) the owner initially reimbursed me less than one night’s stay. When I asked for the rest, this was his reply: “two conditions of any further refund is that you will not do any reviews of the cottage and you will remove the photos of the cottage from Flicker and not post photos or discuss the cottage on other social media sites.” I am convinced the owner won’t accept any blame and will post some dismissive reply.

August 2016
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage  - Prince Edward County
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage - Prince Edward County
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