Dusty, musty and a bit dirty
The cabin was cozy but dusty, musty and found spiders everywhere. I know if you are in the woods you will encounter spiders or other little critters, but finding spiders in your bed and everywhere inside the cabin makes it hard to relax. The sheets and comforters had a musty odor and the curtains on the windows by the beds where super dusty, they looked like they haven't been cleaned for years.in smelled like it belong to a smoker. If you don't mind the smoker and musty smell on your sheets and comforters you should be ok. Also there were spider webs all over the cabin. Carpeting was really dirty too. It really was disappointing not being able to enjoy our stay. I've rented cabins before but never this bad. I wouldn't recommend this place to friends or anyone.

March 2015
Charming Cabin At Donner Lake  - West End
Charming Cabin At Donner Lake - West End
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