Harolds Resort
We loved the lake.... the views of the lake from cabin #1 were very nice. If I am going to be totally honest, I wasn't in love with the cabin itself.... overall I would say it was pretty good, the kitchen was well stocked with everything that we needed to prepare meals so that was great. the beds weren't bad.. the BATHROOM however was NOT GOOD. the ceiling was rotted and falling apart, the shower was really gross and the toilet kept running. Now, we know it's a rustic cabin and that was to be expected but maybe an update and cleaning in the bathroom would help. another thing that I was sad about was that kathy the owner seemed so friendly over E-mails when we were preparing to come and I was really looking forward to meeting both her and her husband. The one interaction we had with the owners was when my husband came down to the office to ask about the bonfire and he met Rolf. (sp) he was nice but we were really thinking that at some point we would receive a personal welcome from them aside from the note on the table. I just felt as though it was thier job to come introduce themselves to us as we were the guests. I am not saying we didn't have a good time, because we did.

August 2010
BEST BEACH Harolds Resort: Log Cabin:  Sat to Sat Summer Rentals
BEST BEACH Harolds Resort: Log Cabin: Sat to Sat Summer Rentals
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