Not as advertised
We have rented countless properties in North Am. and have never had this problem. This property is NOT as advertised. We could not swim in the lake. The owner wrote "...and later cool down with a swim in the shallow sand bottom lake waters." in his description. The lake waters in front of the property DO NOT have a sand bottom. In fact, it's far from it. Instead you will find a sludge like bottom, full of weeds, grass and many frogs. It's swamp like. We were not made aware of this until our arrival when we went down to the lake. His solution was to go to a nearby beach. I'm sorry, but that is not why we rent a lakefront property and pay a premium for it so we can pack up our 2 year old & 7 year old to go to the beach. We could have stayed home and done that. We pay for the convenience of having the lake to swim in right there. We had also rented the boat, but upon arrival we found a note saying that the water was too low so we could not use it. We understand that water levels can recede, however, we feel it is the owner's responsibility to be on top of this and to be forthcoming with the info thus giving the renters the option to cancel, should we wish. It is not an executive cottage in its current state. There is a closet door off the tracks, cobwebs throughout the house, the showers are not clean, there is a leak in the fridge which caused damage to some of our baked goods and many other little things that make this house not executive level. We wanted to leave immediately, but didn't want to disrupt my oldest son's birthday which was the next day so chose to stay 2 nights and leave Mon. since we got there late Sat. night. We scrambled to find other accomodations and were out of pocket to do so. We asked for a refund, as well as a return of the boat rental and damage deposit. He agreed. After 3 weeks of saying "the cheque was in the mail" we received a partial refund with no further explanation. He agreed to the refund, boat rental and damage deposit, but did not return the full amount and currently have $450 still owing to us. We now have to contact a 3rd party to resolve this issue. We could make do with the condition of the house, but don't describe it as "executive" and certainly tell the renters what the lake is truly like. We could have made do if we didn't want a lake to swim/boat in. However, I would not recommend this rental based on how unprofessional the owner has been in not being forthcoming, not responding and returning our full refund.

August 2016
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage  - Prince Edward County
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage - Prince Edward County
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