Lovely location - run down property
Rating Details: I was very dissatisfied with the condition of the vacation rental. I was very happy with the location. The vacation rental was somewhat dirty. The property manager was somewhat unhelpful. Overall, I do not recommend this vacation rental. Reviewer Comments: The Doud house sits on a bluff above a lovely beach. Unfortunately, the house is in serious need of repairs. The floors are uneven, the showerhead on the main floor doesn't work properly, there's a hook and eye closure on the bathroom door that seriously scratched one of our party and ruined two t-shirts. The steps on side A are narrow and slippery, the carpet may be loose. One of our party almost fell down the stairs. There are no window coverings in the living room of side B and the master on side A. There seems to be an animal stuck somewhere within the walls of the house as well. Finally, all of the notifications about keeping the furnishings in the proper side and that forgotten property wouldn't be returned were off-putting and offensive. I felt like a college kid in a really restrictive dorm not a guest who had paid over $1,000 for the privilege of staying in the Doud House.

January 2014
Dowd House--R258    Waldport Oregon High Bank vacation rental Dog
Dowd House--R258 Waldport Oregon High Bank vacation rental Dog
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