Great Location and View, House needs some improvements
We wanted a house for 3 nights and found this place available and price seemed reasonable. Although we didn't notice any previous reviews we booked anyway. Interesting we are getting to right a review. We wondered if previous reviews were negative and that is why they weren't posted. There were a couple of positive things about the house. I will start with them. The kitchen and living room area has been upgraded from the pictures on line so this was a positive. The covered back porch and view of the beach was great and location on West end was good. We caught fish from the surf in front of the house both days! House also is very close to Fish House restaurant. Now for the negatives. Some of the outlets in kitchen area and GFCI outlet had no power. Upstairs the smoke detector was not plugged in and sitting on banister. After we called some one did come and plug smoke detector back in. I would question if they actually work and with the outlet situation in kitchen all electrical probably should be checked out for safety reasons. Some of the outdoor lights didn't work either. There was only 2 of us so 3 of the bedrooms we didn't utilize and kept doors closed. Wife was afraid there was mice and bugs everywhere! All need to be cleaned thoroughly especially ceiling fans. The bath upstairs we used was good and no issues there. The middle stairs from underneath house to middle floor had very bad smell. You could smell it by just walking by the closed door in the house. Also the wireless needs some help. Your device will show connected with strong signal but it's horrible. And when you do get connected it constantly drops signal. We realize these houses at beach can take a beating and probably takes a lot to keep them up. Also understand there will be some level of moisture issues, damp smells, and mildew. This was our 1st house rental in Oak Island and although we really liked the island the house was not the greatest for our long weekend vacation. We have stayed in a lot of beach houses along the Carolina coast so we know there can be things done to make the houses better than this visit. Thanks and hope to visit again. We will make sure we don't rent any place without some sort of reviews! Hopefully improvements can be made to Conch Too and make this place a nice place for future renters! Thanks

September 2016
10 Conch Too-Oceanfront 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home/Sleeps 8/  3 Q's & 1 Dbl
10 Conch Too-Oceanfront 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home/Sleeps 8/ 3 Q's & 1 Dbl
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