The beauty & convenience of this property are AWESOME. You can feel that you are TOTALLY away from the hustle & bustle of LIFE. Yet, you are only a short drive from a major city, RENO, NEVADA! The house is very quaint, cozy, livable. You can have coffee/breakfast/ALL MEALS, on the back balcony or sit inside, looking out at the gorgeous GIANT PINE TREES. There are views from almost every area you spend time in and you feel secluded & private. There are many areas to walk/ponder/ office, deli, country store for your convenience. You will immediately feel the calm and sense of nature everywhere. Even the drive to Dutch Flat is soothing. I have had the pleasure of staying there twice. Once in May & another time in September. They were BOTH DELIGHTFUL! If you're a writer, take NOTE! You will be in a quiet, natural surrounding that inspires! ENJOY!

September 2011
Dutch Flat, Serenity Central:  Cozy Home in the Woods
Dutch Flat, Serenity Central: Cozy Home in the Woods
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