The Happy Camper made me VERY happy!
I was lucky enough to see the Happy Camper advertised on VRBO. I had planned on using my trusty tent but honestly didn't feel like tent camping and the weather forecast had a few days of rain later in the week. The camper was booked my first night at Edisto Beach (April 11) so I had to sleep in my tent the first night since my car was too loaded to have room for me to stretch out. (I was not really prepared to tent camp and just had a thick double quilt to sleep on. I felt like the princess and the pea only the pea was sharp gravel lol.) The next day (April 12) Jill and Ginger delivered the cute camper and set it all up for me. WOW. It has a wonderful mattress with a thick gel mattress pad, a mini fridge in which they had put a cold bottle of water, a brownie and some of their delicious boiled peanuts, and of course the open air kitchen in the back of the camper. The camper includes a coffee maker, double burner cook unit, ice chest, coffee mug and various cutlery, etc. A few nights I woke up to the lovely sound of rain hitting the roof of the camper and there I was, lying cozy in my comfy bed, the bliss! Ginger left a copy of her delightful children's book for me to read and they also included a battery powered lantern, and a DVR player and headphones. Jill and Ginger TRULY exemplify amazing customer service and attention to detail. They showed me how to work everything, gave me their number to call if there were any problems, left me smiling. I also rented the screened canopy from them but ended up not using it as the evening were bug free and perfect until the last night when we had a monsoon rainstorm. One day it got muggy and I was trying to figure out how to get the a/c running. I texted them and they immediately had someone come out to look it over. It turned out I just had to aim the remote right at the little receiver on the a/c unit. I would recommend this camper to everyone. You will not find a cuter camper (I constantly had a stream of folks from nearby RVs stopping to ask me about it and wanting a "tour".) or a more friendly and accommodating set of owners. And for those of you who are tall, you can stand up in the camper!!! No hunching over. I had bought a 6'x8' piece of outdoor carpeting at Lowe's and set it up on the gravel pad outside the camper so I had a nice seating area with my chair and little table. Jill and Ginger are the best and you will not regret renting this camper. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

May 2015
The Happie Camper! Luxury  Camping With Full Outdoor Kitchen.
The Happie Camper! Luxury Camping With Full Outdoor Kitchen.
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