An honest review of a rustic cabin on a beautiful rural property in Sonora
Was the listing description accurate regarding the location, layout, amenities, etc? --Yes, however the wifi did not work because there was a storm during our stay. The surroundings were beautiful as can be and very quiet! Was the property clean and well-maintained? The property could have been cleaner and better maintained. It was very dusty under the guest bed. The furniture was very rustic. The insulation was horrible. When the fire went out, it would get cold quickly. The landscape portion of the cottage could have been better maintained. The roof over the bedroom leaked water while it was raining. I am sure that will be fixed for the next rain. The kitchen was functional and was very well equipped. Did the owner provide good customer service? Yes. She did her best in handling the leaky roof and making things right. Was the service a perfect 10? No. It was good. There is room for improvement. It is very hard to find excellent customer service these days. Would you recommend this property to your friends or relatives? Yes I would. We had a fun, great, relaxing time. My 2 year old son loved the area and the animals. Would I recommend it for a couple looking for a romantic getaway? No. It was too rustic in our opinion. What activities, attractions and restaurants did you like or dislike near by? Hiking, caverns, Railtown, and Columbia National Park. We did not eat at any restaurants. We went to the supermarket and cooked in the cabin which was fun.

February 2016
One bedroom cabin on 450 acre Historic gold country  cattle ranch
One bedroom cabin on 450 acre Historic gold country cattle ranch
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