Nice cottage but not worth a second visit
Before I begin, I want to explain why this review is later than what I would have liked. The individual who organized this event was waiting on the deposit to be returned as I didn't want this review to be used as a reason not to provide a deposit. I'm not saying this has happened but you never want to risk it. The cottage was very cute and has a lot of potential, however it was clear after being in the cottage that it wasn't taken care of like the pictures above indicate. The backyard was not mowed and the grass was very long. The only part of the yard that was moved was a strip to go to the dock. There were bushes (or weeds, hard to tell) that were overgrown surrounding the back of the house as well as the deck. These bushes/weeds were also surrounding the games room which none of us knew was a games room, to be honest it looked like a run down shed. It was brought to our attention by the individual who was in contact with Mr. Alexander that we would also have to bring our own firewood to the cottage if we want a bonfire. This seemed very odd to us as a group since you would expect that these items would be included, not only that but there are by-laws that require you to use firewood from the area and not outside areas. Since firewood isn't expensive at all, I personally thought it was ridiculous that we would have to bring our own instead of it being included with the rental. The hot tub never warmed up, there was no hot water for the showers and the vacuums did not work very well when we were cleaning the house Sunday morning. We only stayed for the weekend so we didn't mention anything about these issues as they wouldn't be fixed by the time we were leaving. If we had a week stay at this cottage these matters would have been brought up. Who ever stayed in the rental before us left food in the fridge as well as alcohol in the freezer which had become stuck to the freezer shelf. These issues may have been addressed since our stay, but I would advise any potential renters to see if they can do a walk through before renting to make sure these issues do not happen to them.

August 2016
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage  - Prince Edward County
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage - Prince Edward County
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