The Nursing Home Stay
Rating Details: The property manager was very unhelpful. The vacation rental was very dirty. I was very unhappy with the location. I was very dissatisfied with the condition of the vacation rental. Overall, I do not recommend this vacation rental. Reviewer Comments: Our stay was from Sunday to Sunday. When we arrived there were dirty wet clothes left on the balcony. My wife called and asked someone to come clean them up at the rental office, they were extremely rude to her. We went down to the pool to swim and my daughter met one of her friends their. Lenny the POTHOA (President of the Home Owners Association) comes out and begins his interrogation. Where are you from, which condo are you staying in, how long are you here for, why are you here, etc, and there are 50 condos in this complex, with 12 permanent residents and the other 38 (against his will) are rented. My daughter, her friend and I are the only ones in the pool and they begin to play with a ball. Lenny comes out on the Balcony and explains that the pool is for swimming not playing with balls and they could hit someone, (THERE IS NOBODY ELSE IN THE POOL BUT US). The children are 12 and they are on vacation. I never got back in the pool nor did my children for the next 6 days. The beach is 2-3 miles away and we had planned on swimming in the pool a good bit. Contrary to what the website says, there was no internet service. Lenny absolutely ruined my entire vacation. Beachstar Properties shouldn't charge people to stay here they should pay people for putting up with Lenny the POTHOA and pool police. I would NOT recommend staying here to anyone, friend or enemy.

May 2016
Golf Colony Resort  Relax and Enjoy This Quiet Utopia-24E
Golf Colony Resort Relax and Enjoy This Quiet Utopia-24E
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