One year in Tucson
I was living during one year in this house during my sabbatic stay in the UoA (from september 2010). The house is wonderful. It has everything, we missed nothing (myself and two kids). After 5 minutes we felt like at home. The neighbourhood is very friendly and quiet. My parents spent Xmas with us and they were in love with the place too. The house is placed close to 3 bus stops. One of them goes to the airport (Alvernoon). The others (in the 5th/dodge and speedway/dodge) takes you to the UoA and close to downtown. There is a CVS shop and a 7/11 at a walking distance (in Alvernong walking towards the south) and a small asian supermarket (Babilon market) in the Speedway,10 minutes walking. So it is a convenient place to live without the need of using a car for the basic needs. There is a rent a car in speedway (enterprise) and the house is pretty close to this place. They pick you up and they bring you home when you rent a car and it is less than 5 minutes home. The swimming pool is very good and clean kids enjoyed a lot there, besides there is a small park in the same street (3rd street, towards the east) where kids can spend some time playing. The house has internet connection (and wifi) and the speed is quite good. We skyped everyday to Spain and only a few times there was some delay in voice. The owner is a great person, very friendly and ready to help in any small detail we need. He is always when you need him. He made us feel at home. Thank you Xavier!! It was great for me and my kids to live in Tucson for a year and part of the merit is that we felt very confortable at this house and confident with the owner, I recommend this place without hesitation. It will be my place if I am able to come back to Tucson some day. Eva (Spain)

February 2012
Central, Very  Cute 3 br 2 ba furnished
Central, Very Cute 3 br 2 ba furnished
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