Writer's Getaway
I was looking for a place to escape. I needed a mountain home with a wood burning fireplace that would encourage a rugged and simple way of living. This retreat provided exactly what I was looking for. The drive to this location is magical in itself--a kind of transitional portal from bustling city life to a unique quiet countryside. Just around every tight turn along Hwy 209 is another picturesque countryscape, where handcrafted homes billow smoke from NC hardwoods that creep between mountainous valleys. The "butt-and-pass" construction style of the cabin is quite charming. Plenty of exposed wood to bring out that raw untamed feeling of being one with nature. The cabin sits at the bottom of a steep mountain grade which provides for a challenging hike to the top! However, if you want a terrific panorama view of Betsy's Gap then take a hike through the cow pasture just adjacent to the property. Great climbing trees! The cabin is equipped with fine amenities and excellent PIPING HOT showers. Downtown Hot Springs is only 15 miles away and has pretty good dining options, some well equipped hiking surplus stores, and immediate access to the Appalachian Trial. If you do decide to dine in Hot Springs, I recommend the Iron Horse Station--good food, great beer! This cabin would be the perfect retreat for a small family, romantic getaway, or best friend reunion. It's a great place to slow down and reflect. Bring a project, bring a good book, write a book, write a screenplay! This is definitely not the ideal place for playing video games or chatting it up on your cell phone. In fact, there is NO CELL SERVICE up here. There is WiFi in the cabin if you must connect to the Internet, which I found myself doing everyday.

January 2013
Charming Smoky Mt. Log Cabin on 7.5 acres - ONLY  24 miles to SKI  RESORT
Charming Smoky Mt. Log Cabin on 7.5 acres - ONLY 24 miles to SKI RESORT
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