Thanksgiving at Bison Overlook Lodge
My family and I just spent the most wonderful Thanksgiving together at Bison Overlook Lodge. The cabin had everything we needed including pots, pans, and casserole dishes to make a proper Thanksgiving feast, a crib and swing for our baby, toys for our toddler, and a kennel for our dogs. There is something for everyone to do and enjoy. My toddler loved walking to the playground and feeding the goats and miniature horses that walked right up to the fence in our backyard everyday, the adults enjoyed relaxing on the porch (I swung with my baby in the hammock swing every day) or in the hot tub and taking in the beautiful views all around. The level backyard makes playing with kids and dogs easy and fun. I highly recommend walking down to see the buffalo get fed at least once while you're there. It's exciting to see these amazing creatures up close, and you get to meet the friendly ranch dogs Frisbee and Cody. We were also lucky enough to meet Harold and Harriet who are so nice and spent some time with us telling stories about the history of the ranch and their plans for its future. Cheryl is super helpful and quick to respond if you have a question. We felt like our family spent Thanksgiving surrounded by family. No one wanted to leave, and my toddler shed tears over having to say goodbye to "the buffalo house." It was an incredible vacation. Our family will be back many more times!

November 2016
Bison Overlook Lodge...  on a 65 Acre Buffalo Ranch!
Bison Overlook Lodge... on a 65 Acre Buffalo Ranch!
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