Avoid this rental. Many better options on the North Shore for this price. Ask for new photos.
Renter beware: House is NOT as it appears in the professional photos! Handyman special! Are you the type who can’t take a vacation without bringing your tools? Luana Iki is the place for you! Expect to dedicate a small portion of each day performing maintenance tasks and minor repairs to your vacation residence. Let me start by stating I have never made a negative review of a vacation rental before and have stayed on the north shore at many vacation rentals, but this experience was sufficiently poor to prompt me to warn others. I disregarded the 1 negative review. Hopefully this review will help other potential renters be better informed of what they are signing up for! •House was dirty, musty, and damp •Many light bulbs were missing from bedrooms, bathroom, refrigerator. LED lights in the kitchen flickered constantly, giving the place a strobe light effect •Broken appliances in kitchen, and a dirty mixmatch of utensils •Gate to enter the property produced a high pitched squeak when opened, easily awakening the occupants of the nearby bedrooms (I fixed it myself with some WD40 from foodland) •Old aluminum back door slider to the residence had a broken lock and was difficult to open; house could not be secured. Scavenging the property produced a metal pipe capable of locking the door and securing the property. Owner denied knowing of this, but during 1 of 2 visits to the property by his handyman during our stay, the handyman stated owner was aware and part was on order. (Owner is dishonest) •Master bedroom closet door hinges were stripped out; extra force required to close closet door. I fixed it myself by tightening the screws in the door •One smoke detector missing and one was malfunctioning. Although they were direct-wired the smoke detector in the master bedroom woke everone up sounding loudly at 3:00AM and required disconnecting. •Skylight in kitchen leaks during rains •Electrical outlets on lanai (not on GFI) tripped breaker during rains •Yard was not as displayed in picture and in need of some TLC. Lush lawn displayed in property video mostly gone. Trash (broken boogie boards, chairs, umbrellas) litter the property •House was sufficiently poor enough to prompt me to write my first ever negative review after countless experiences of renting vacation homes •Owner difficult to deal with. Asked to refund our money and send us away when we called to ask about the non-locking door Avoid the disappointment we experienced and rent elsewhere!

January 2015
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