A lot of $ for a horrible stay......
The property was was not cleaned when we arrived. There were large sunflower seeds in the floors. The carpets are dirty and stained. The furniture in the main living area was filthy and had a horrible odor, as well as outdated. I had to wash the bed spreads in one of the twin bed rooms when we arrived due to the horrid smell. The paint is coming off around the thr showers and we could not even adjust the water temp in one of the bathrooms. We were unable to use the ceiling fan in the main living area as it looks like it is about to come off the ceiling. The front yard was poorly kept. There are only 2 bedrooms with televisions which are outdated as well. There is no umbrella out at the pool area so no infant or older person was able to paricipate in any family fun. The outside trash cans were left with trash in them from the previous visitors. The management did come roll the trash cans to the road for us. However, we arrived on Sat and trash pick up was not until Friday and old lunch meat was left in the can without a bag. The vent screen on the dryer is broken so lent in thrown back inside in the clothes .

August 2016
1015 BD  4 Bed, 3 Bath, Wi-Fi, Games room
1015 BD 4 Bed, 3 Bath, Wi-Fi, Games room
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