Tropical Paradise
Spent an entire month here and felt like I had landed in Heaven. For someone like me who comes from a (very) cold country, the warmth of the breeze and the lushness of the surroundings translated into pure bliss. Chad & Sue are wonderful hosts - truly the best hosts (and the most environmentally-conscious) I have encountered since starting to book properties on VRBO a few years ago. Their little two-bedroom house really has everything you need for an enjoyable stay. Everything: comfortable beds, chairs and sofas, strategically placed fans, covered deck with seating for three or four people, fully-equipped kitchen, huge Samsung flat-screen LCD smart TV upstairs, and (most importantly) peace & quiet all around. Everything is where it should be: you can tell a lot of planning and hard work has gone into making this guest house the most comfortable place one could hope for. The house was super clean when I arrived and the landscaping is beautifully done. The property features several kinds of fruit trees: pomelo, orange, grapefruit and avocado were in season during my stay. That being said, this place will not suit everyone. The reason I loved it so much is that I like to feel like I'm living "outside" when visiting these tropical climes: the house has large screened windows on both floors that can be opened (and left opened most of the time), so that you can feel the lovely breeze and hear the wind, the rain and the wildlife outside (mostly birds and frogs). "Living outside" in a climate such as this one unfortunately means that you will get occasional "company" in the house, and since I do not have an aversion to insects and lizards, I was perfectly comfortable in this environment. But I know that people differ, and if you're the type of person who cannot stand ants and the occasional millipede, then you might want to look for a place on the dry side of the island. The only little thing that could be improved upon is the Internet connection, which was not very reliable when I was here. Thankfully, email & Netflix worked adequately most of the time. Also, I was only able to get a very faint signal on my cell phone (with AT&T), and only in certain parts of the house, which made placing and receiving phone calls a challenge (VoIP calls were not possible during my stay due to the nature of the Internet connection). Thank you again Chad & Sue for an unforgettable stay. I really hope to be able to come back someday.

March 2015
 Aloha Lani Ocean View Home, Privacy. Near Lava. Walk to the Ocean and  Beach.
Aloha Lani Ocean View Home, Privacy. Near Lava. Walk to the Ocean and Beach.
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