Boy, were we miss led by this owner! Prior to booking, the owner stated via email that we purchase property damage and the fee was $99. I have never had to purchase this insurance for a unit. I have certainly paid security deposits, but asking renters to buy insurance is not the norm. I asked the owner via email if the $99 would be refunded to me after check out. I was informed via email that yes, the $99 property damage fee would be refunded upon check out. So we booked the condo. Now, after we have stayed, checked out, no damage, I have still not received the $99 because it is an insurance policy! Not a refundable fee. The owner continues to tell me that VRBO will return the $99 fee to me, which is NOT the case. The owner is misunderstood on what security deposits are and what fees she is asking renters to pay. After notifying the owner that VRBO was not going to refund me the $99, I asked the owner to refund it to me herself as that is the right thing to do. She required me to purchase the policy, not VRBO, and she misunderstood what the policy was. The owner refused to refund me the $99. Very disappointed as I have rented numerous properties with VRBO, never been asked to purchase property damage insurance (that is why I asked about it being refunded before I booked) and very unhappy with the owner refusing to do what is right. I have filed a complaint with VRBO. This location is VERY close to LAX. We heard planes taking off and landing all night! Very difficult to sleep at night. It was not in walking distance to any beach. The condo complex is very old and needs updating. The unit is also old and in need of updating especially the furniture. The master bathtub also did not drain very fast, so we had to wait 20 minutes between showers, otherwise you were standing in 6 inches of dirty water. The master bed was very comfortable, and the master closet was large.

July 2015
Playa Del Rey Near The Beach!  Spacious 1 BR/1.5 Bath. Pool, tennis courts, gym
Playa Del Rey Near The Beach! Spacious 1 BR/1.5 Bath. Pool, tennis courts, gym
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