Great family experience
We rented this property with our toddler and newborn for two months in the spring/summer, and had a fantastic time. The neighborhood is very quiet before the golf course opens, which has its own advantages, though it was great when the pool opened in late June. The river area, with a playground and a sand pit, was a particular hit with the toddler. The property itself is good for little kids, with a DVD and TV player in the basement with kiddie movies, and a separate bedroom down there for those that might need to escape said kiddies! I can't say enough about the owners. Christian was super responsive to all of our queries, immediately arranging for the dishwasher to be fixed on a Sunday, delivering a table for the patio at our request, and delivering some impressive looking fans later in the season. The property was very well stocked, all of the kitchen gear you could possibly want (we loved the waffle maker), and high quality bedding and mattresses. We were very comfortable, and missed it when we left! "Security" at the pool is tight - we were asked for our names each time we went, and a list was consulted. Christian arranged for our access very quickly. We didn't try the tennis courts, though noticed they were locked when not in use. I was able to obtain a golf tee time midweek , though I think officially you're supposed to go through the owner of the condo.

September 2016
Casa Tremblant:  Vacation Home Rental
Casa Tremblant: Vacation Home Rental
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