Good Location/ Needs Maintenance between 2/3 stars
Overall, this is a nice place that is well situated between Tahoe City and Kings Beach. The kitchen was well stocked. The issues we had were related to maintenance. The lights did not work throughout the unit. We did report this to the management company and were told we'd have someone out there, but we only heard back after 3 days. The other times they tried to get to the unit were not convenient for us, and honestly that should have been taken care of before folks use the unit. Light is a necessity. Also, the bathroom floor tiles, for both bathrooms, were old and some were cracked and wobbly when stepped on. It seems the unit has not been updated on basic maintenance issues in awhile. I would also recommend better attention to detail when cleaning a unit. We found hairs on the bathroom floors when we first arrived. I don't think it should be our job to clean up on arrival. Last, it was disappointing to not have the coin machine near the video games or the air hockey table working during our stay. With a young kids, that was part of the attraction to the unit.

August 2016
Leisure Time: 2  BR, 1.5  BA Townhouse in Carnelian Bay, Sleeps 4
Leisure Time: 2 BR, 1.5 BA Townhouse in Carnelian Bay, Sleeps 4
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