Concerns about No. 39 Carnellian Woods.
Rating Details: I was satisfied with the condition of the vacation rental. I was more than happy with the location. The vacation rental was somewhat dirty. The property manager was more than helpful. Overall, I do not recommend this vacation rental. Reviewer Comments: We enjoyed our stay at Carnellian Woods and the space in the unit was fine. The kitchen had been redone recently and was well equipped. However there were some problems which need to be addressed by the owner. 1) The carpet was very dirty. There were black stains on three of the stairs we saw immediately when entering the unit and the whole living room rug needed cleaning. 2)The dishwasher seemed to run but made no washing sounds during the cycle and the dishes were consistently dirty when we took them out of the dishwasher. We often had to wash the dishes again by hand before eating. On the last morning we had nine people to get out of the house by 10:00. We put the dishes away from the dish washer and hand washed breakfast dishes since no dish was to be left in the dishwasher. We did not have time to rewash dishes from the dishwasher. First Accommodation complained and want to charge us $60 for dish washing. 3) Twice on our stay the toilets would not flush. We corrected the problem using the plunger which fortunately was available. 4) The lockbox worked fine except that the little black tab that hold it in the box fell out twice. We were able to replace it and it worked. A third time it fell out and we were unable to locate the tab as we had done before. We reported this to the management before leaving. The management was helpful and pleasant when we had questions or problems to solve and the pool and hot tubs were enjoyed by our group. Manager responded on 8/10/2010: Unfortunately the stains were caused by these renters and the dishwasher works fine, as we tested it. The toilets would flush but were overloaded by the renters, which clogged them. The lockbox was working until the renters returned the keys 6 hours after their departure time.

October 2015
Forest Retreat: 4  BR, 2  BA Townhouse in Carnelian Bay, Sleeps 10
Forest Retreat: 4 BR, 2 BA Townhouse in Carnelian Bay, Sleeps 10
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