Owner kept deposit (+) due to backed up plumbing - nightmare situation!
Upon completing rental agreement with owner, he informed us the fireplace wasn't working. When I asked for compensation, he offered $ off for a 2016 stay. Guess what, when we arrived we saw a for sale sign, likely he will not own it next year. Listing said firewood was provided. Our last night (Sat) we used some provided firewood to make a small simple (no fire starter) outdoor fire. The owners property mgr. stopped by, walked directly past the fire and made NO mention of the fire. Owner kept deposit (+) to cover cost of firewood and fire clean up. While clearing the area of fire remnants, the provided small, light weight plastic shovel cracked. I agreed to pay for this, but recommended he get a shovel for UP winters. One normal snow fall and plow (provided in the listing) would absolutely negate the presence of our fire. Here's where the real nightmare starts. Later Saturday evening, the downstairs toilet overflowed and upon plunging, it backed up into the bathtub. This also caused the kitchen sink to clog and drain slowly. Use of the upstairs toilet and faucet made the downstairs plumbing rumble - for lack of a better word. At this point I told all guests NOT to use the water at all as I didn't want a plumbing issue upstairs as well. Nothing out of the ordinary was flushed. Owner said the plumbing issue was a result of tampons being flushed. 2 to 3 flushable tampons were flushed. Nowhere did it say not to flush tampons. From then on, we went to the bathroom outside in the cold. Many of us didn't take a shower while there, as we had planned to do so the last night. I called the owner to inform him of the situation. 45 min later he called back to not have a plumber for us until the next morning. We left at 11am the next morning without a plumber ever showing up. 2 showers were taken the entire time we were there. Not only was I expecting full return of the security deposit but also 1/2 night free for the major inconvenience of faulty plumbing. Instead, owner is charging me (keeping deposit) to cover cost of plumber! I have VRBO'd throughout the country - all wonderful experiences. I have never written a bad review for anything and have never not received back a full security deposit. The owners attempts to gouge me for owner related costs is truly shocking and unprofessional.

March 2015
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