Mini Vacation...Molokai Shores
Well for starters there was a little confusion as to communication with the realtor. I arrived at the realty around 10a and I was told that check I was not until 3p which I showed her the communication between myself and the owner and it wasn't stated in the letter and I was asked to wait until 12p to allow them more time to touch up on the unit. We arrived and discovered that the toilet was leaking water and so we contacted the maintenance who came ery promptly and fixed the toilet. The rest of the stay was fabulous, relaxing however upon returning from our daily activities of spending time with our family we found d a note stuck to our door claiming that we were making noise beyond quiet hours, however we returned to the unit last night around 12a no music was being played however we did shower prior to going to bed..not sure where that came from..all in all we have enjoyed our stay and look forward to many more vacations on this pleasant island...

October 2015
SPECIAL $89/Night   July 28 - Sept 30, 2018
SPECIAL $89/Night July 28 - Sept 30, 2018
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