My husband and I spent a week at the Cozy Clifford Lake waterfront Cottage, I would like to say that we went for a joyous occasion, we were actually there to reflect on the loss of our son. We wanted something peaceful and serene, and this was the perfect spot. We loved this cottage, even though it rained the entire week we were there, it was okay, the rain kind of fit with our hearts. I would recommend the cottage to anyone. It gives you your very own private lake at your doorstep. I was hoping to be able to fish off the dock but the water was way to shallow, and the rain prevented it, but if you have better weather, they provide you with a canoe and a paddle boat. A hammock a picnic table a fire pit and a very nice grill, we we loved the view from the sitting room, The owners were very easy to work with as well, regardless of not being able to use the majority of all the outdoor activities, we still loved it.

February 2017
Cozy Clifford Lake  Waterfront Cottage
Cozy Clifford Lake Waterfront Cottage
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