Fine with Conditions
The property was indeed "fine" and as expected with some conditions attached. (1) The walk to Disneyland is a bit longer than hotels right along the streets adjacent to the park. You would be much better served by reserving one of those. (2) The carpet was stained but can be overlooked as long as it is clean from germs. (3) The fire alarms went off incessantly. We actually removed one of them and purchased batteries for them. We found two 9v batteries in the kitchen after purchasing them. (4) The most aggravating issue was the correspondence with anyone from the management. We could not reach anyone but had to leave messages. Eventually, we received a return call over a day later. Our request was to pick up a few extra days but the manager informed us that she had let the property out to someone else mere hours previously. This was compounded with the day of check-in. We could not get a hold of anyone to get instructions on how to gain access to the property. Finally, while driving in rush hour traffic on the I-5 and 15 minutes from the property, we got a hold of someone "just leaving the office for the day." I'm not sure what we would have done without that stroke of good luck. Lastly, the neighbors are not interested in renters who are merely there for Disneyland. We received a flyer at the door about a meeting against such renters as us. The property provides a shelter for the night but with the above conditions. One thing my wife and I appreciated was the unusually comfortable bed in the upstairs master bedroom.

January 2016
Wow! SunSational! Next to Conv. Ctr, Walk to Disneyland!  All New!
Wow! SunSational! Next to Conv. Ctr, Walk to Disneyland! All New!
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