Property was above average - owner below average
While the house was a nice-enough home, I would not recommend renting this property. The owner, Cory Cochran, turned out to lack honesty and integrity with an offer and commitment to reimburse us for one-night's stay due to significant lack of sanitary conditions. We arrived late at the property, approximately 11:00 p.m. on 6/26, having flown in from Phoenix, Arizona. While being somewhat dusty, the house otherwise appeared to be in good order and clean. All beds were made and everything seemed neat and tidy. As we unpacked and began to settle in the following occurred: (1) My 90-year old grandmother pulled back the covers on the queen bed in the downstairs (main level) bedroom. The bed sheets were clearly slept in and very dirty. (2) I called Cory immediately and explained the situation and that we were quite disgusted and upset at finding this at any time, let alone late at night with very little alternatives available. (3) I then pulled back the covers from the bed in the master bedroom in the upper level and the same thing - the bed also had clearly been slept in and the sheets were clearly dirty. (4) Cory and I exchanged several telephone calls and texts that evening. I took pictures of the dirty bedding and sent them to Cory. I explained how disgusted we were and that the situation was unacceptable. Cory expressed his "anger" at the housekeeper and appeared to be genuinely concerned and gave us permission to access the locked closet to retrieve clean bedding. He told me he would have the housekeeper call me and come over first thing the following morning. (5) Cory offered to reimburse us one-night's stay for the situation, which I accepted. (6) Early the next morning, 6/27, I received a call from the owner of the housekeeping business. She claimed she had no idea what happened and wanted to "see" the dirty sheets. A short time late, four young ladies from the housekeeping company stopped by and picked up the sheets. I asked them to bring back two more sets of clean sheets, as we were staying 10 days. We returned from our 10-day stay w/no check in the mail. I texted Cory on 7/19 & rec'd no response. I texted again 7/22 @ 6:30 p.m.; he responded "send me your address. I'll put check in mail." I responded accordingly. On 8/04, with still no check, I called and left Cory a voice mail letting him know how disappointed we were at his lack of integrity. I have had no response.

August 2016
Luxury 3+ Bedroom Home W/ Wraparound Porch!  8 SHARC passes included
Luxury 3+ Bedroom Home W/ Wraparound Porch! 8 SHARC passes included
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