Peaceful and homie
This is our 2nd stay. It really is home away from home except more relaxed. Its a worry free zone and you have everything you need for a nice getaway. My husband looks forward to coming back which we will. This time we didnt do anytjing special just time away from the city and bonding time for all 3( my husband, myself and our dog) Its so relaxing even my dog loves it she likes walking around the outdoors, just make sure you can an eye out for coyotes. The mean no harm but they are around. My dog came close to one and it got scared once it saw us and ran away. Thank you for this Peaceful space Mark. You are great you make sure we get all the info we need and check up on us too. Like i said we will be back

December 2016
220 Degree Views!  Great Cabin In The Dessert
220 Degree Views! Great Cabin In The Dessert
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