I want to be Sandy when I grow up.
I have been trying to rent this property for a couple of summers. As a single mom, I'm always last minute trying to plan such things. This year, I booked early for the first week of my daughter's summer vacation. She's 15. The friends she wanted to invite to accompany us weren't available. She was apprehensive that we could enjoy the trip, just the two of us. Envision...single mom...hoping to please a 15 year old daughter AND enjoy the trip myself. Sandy delivered big time! The place was just the right size....PERFECT location. We were greeted by Sandy and her "handyman"...sorry...I can't recall his name (no reflection on him--I'm just bad with names), but he was super friendly the whole visit and carried our luggage up for us. I rode one of Sandy's bike around the island every morning while my teen slept in. Having bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards at our disposal was a gift. Mostly I was impressed with the property, the owner, her hospitality and general lifestyle...which is why I would love to be Sandy when I grow up :-) I would add that the one thing my daughter most wanted to do was rent a boat. Sadly, I don't know how to operate one, but there are boat rentals right there at the marina in front of the property and I'm pretty sure they'll rent a captain to go along with you. I would suggest, if the interest is there, explore that up front. Bottom line... 15 year old daughter...and 55 year old mom...cannot wait to return...and highly recommend this property. Unless of course you want it the same week we do. Thank you Sandy!! Next time I hope I have more time to visit with you. VERY happy....Big fan!

July 2015
Luxury Wrightsville Beach, NC  Waterfront  Condo w/optional 30' Boat Slip
Luxury Wrightsville Beach, NC Waterfront Condo w/optional 30' Boat Slip
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